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1 Order = 1 Meal: Make a Difference!

Jordan Duran is CEO at Apache Pine. Everything started when his friend Mohan, from India, told him about the conditions of his country and of the many orphanages that there are in his area.

Poverty in India

India is considered to hold one-third of the world’s poor people. This country is populated by 1.31 billion people, of which about the 40% falls below the international poverty line, which is $1.25 a day. 20 million of this 40% are orphan kids.

Indeed, according to UNICEF, a third of the world’s malnourished children live in India, where 46% of all children below the age of 3 is too small for their age, 47% are dramatically underweight and 16% or more are unrecoverable.

Their conditions are of extreme poverty. Despite its minimal cost, even a meal can be a very heavy expense to face and many of them starve every day. Poor hygienic conditions make life even more miserable for these children. The situation is extremely delicate and it represents a real emergency.

Indeed, Indian orphans are so many that the Indian government has a very hard time keeping up with the demand, providing help, treatment and food for all of them, not to mention schooling.

Consequentially, orphanages have hardly anything to support their kids and they struggle to even just feed them every day.

Project 1 Order= 1 Meal

Of course, to address all these issues at once is very hard, but we can start from somewhere: there’s always something we can do to help and it is up to all of us to be the change we want to see in the world.

“My thought is that if children don’t have to worry about their next meal, then they will have time to study and learn, so they can eventually lift themselves from these circumstances”, Jordan states, creating a new project by Apache Pine: 1 Order = 1 Meal.

Last year Apache Pine did make some donations towards less fortunate children and realities in India, but today there’s a new commitment: helping full time. Indeed, Apache Pine will take $.5 per order, which corresponds to the cost of one meal in India, and donate it to orphanages around Hyderabad, in the Andhra Pradesh Telangana region of India.

Of course, the hope is that the more Apache Pine will grow, the more it will be able to help, but the path is always walked one step at a time and we must start from somewhere.

Apache Pine is 100% committed to make a change and have a positive impact on the planet. To help is a big part of the work, whether it’s Earth or other people.

Indeed, all Apache Pine’s watches, knives, and all other products are made of 100% sustainable materials in order to cut on footprint and the impact it has on the environment.

Indeed, the belief that our time in the outdoors is very important, but that should be lived in a sustainable way is at the base of every single product and it is a real trademark for Apache Pine.

That’s why all items are handcrafted, in order to make sure each one of them has a personality and a uniqueness that can be found only in nature. Also, this helps to make sure to not overproduce and always meet our customers’ needs in terms of high quality and affordable prices without falling into the trap of big productions and consumerism.

The final mission

This is not an easy task: it takes commitment, hard work and lots of planning. The final mission: to look at your watch or your knife and think of nature, your beloved times in the outdoors and how important it is to preserve this planet and help other people. Indeed, it is Apache Pine’s belief that there is much more to life than society as we know it: reconnecting with nature is evermore important.

People are part of this nature and are the ones who can make a change. Helping people is equally important to Apache Pine than it is to help nature, and that’s why the 1 Oder = 1 Meal project became part of the mission.

We’ll keep everyone posted on the course of the initiative and we’ll commit to helping always more. If you have any questions, please feel free contact us. Let's get together, let's be the change!

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