Outdoor Sportswear

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Outdoor Sportswear

​It doesn’t matter what sport you play, the gear is incredibly important to optimize your performance. The difference is night and day! Unfortunately, so is the price. But if you think about it, how may times have you spent money on the cheaper gear only to be disappointed with the wear and tear? Sometimes you have to spend the money to get the gear.

For example, lets say you are looking for some ski boots and surprise, they are way expensive, but man they feel good. You look at the cheaper ones and think you are saving money, but in reality you are spending more each year buying the same cheaper ones again and again. When you pay more, you are essentially paying for quality products that are meant to last longer.

Let’s not even mention skimping on your outer gear. If you don’t spend the money, have fun turning into an icicle on the mountain. Nothing feels better than having a down coat and a great outer shell.

Yeah it may suck to spend good money, but you’ll love the product in the end.

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