Sports Drinks or Energy Drinks in Sports

Many professional athletes, from rally drivers to big mountain skiers, have energy drink sponsors. Some big sports drinks or energy drinks that come to mind when I think about extreme sports: Red Bull, Monster, Lucozade, Rockstar, 5 Hour Energy and some others. Although these drinks say they are for energy or for sports they lack what our bodies need and add chemicals that are hard on our working bodies. Many of these “sports drinks” don’t include electrolytes, add too much B Vitamins, and are over all misleading to extreme sports athletes and outdoor adventure seekers.

Not Enough Electrolytes

Although sports drinks and energy drinks claim to give you energy or nourishment. More often they don’t include the ingredients that our bodies need. Electrolytes are chemicals that help our body cells communicate. These can be:

  • Calcium
  • Chloride
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Sodium

We need these to keep our bodies healthy and refuel from hard work outs. Be sure to check what you are drinking. If it doesn’t include electrolytes, or has a high daily value of electrolytes be aware. High amounts of sodium or vitamins can concentrate your blood and over a period of time lead to kidney stones and other medical problems.


Too Many B Vitamins

Yes B Vitamins are what give us energy. They are vitamins for goodness sake, they must be good!

Have you ever heard the phrase too much of a good thing can be bad? That IS the case here. One 16 oz Red Bull has a total B vitamin count of 330% of your daily value. SOO, one can of Red Bull gives you enough B Vitamin for more than 3 days. You are probably getting more B Vitamin naturally as well. This means your body has to process all that extra vitamin. This can lead to significant health problems.

Consider this the tip of the iceberg. 5 hour energy, yes the small drink that depicts a trail runner on the front of the bottle. This small drink includes Vitamin B12 8333% and B6 2000% If you were to drink one bottle per day in one year you would have consumed enough B12 to last your entire life.

Why do they market to us?

I have been skiing all my life. I love skiing. I love the feeling of hucking off a cliff into a huge fluff of powder. I love spending time with friends and family on the mountain.

Anyone who has been skiing knows that it is a good work out! When I get done skiing I need something to replenish the nutrients that I have lost. I need some electrolytes and a good meal with protein to build my muscles back up. While I’m skiing I like to snack on peanuts or a little bit of chocolate. I don’t need an overwhelming amount of B vitamins.

Why are they selling to us if we don’t need what they offer? A better question is why are we buying? Lets consider our drink choice next time, this way we will have more sustained, natural energy.

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