A guide to the right bushcraft gear

Bushcraft: what an adventurous activity. We at Apache Pine love it quite a lot, but we’re also aware that excellent bushcraft skills are not enough if you don’t have an adequate bushcraft gear at your side.

But what do you need exactly and what’s the best solution for a nice bushcraft adventure? Here’s a quick list of bushcraft supplies that should not be missing from your backpack and pockets.

A Bush Knife

This is probably the number one piece of gear you want to have always at your side, not just during a bushcraft activity, but while you’re outdoors in general. You will need it not just to cut and shape, but also to cook, open stuff, fix objects and tools, and to do a variety of many other things.

Our Apache Knife is just perfect for that. We’re not saying it just because it’s our knife, but because we know it’s one of the best you can find on the market. Indeed, it’s the product of great passion and dedication.

Besides being incredibly resistant and having a strong blade, the Bush Knife, with its wooden handle, it’s a great example of pine tree design. Not two products are precisely alike, but they all have something different that makes them unique. This is because they’re handmade, respecting nature and believing in the importance of a sustainable gear for your adventures.

Axe and twine

Of course, a bushcraft knife is necessary, but an ax can be very handy too in order to chop down, instead of “simply” cut or shape wood or other things. Indeed, while on a bushcraft adventure you might need to build a shelter with fallen trunks. Of course, be considerate of the environment you are in and, please, don’t destroy it, nor disturb it too much. Remember that big fallen trees are very precious: they’re home to a full ecosystem and to some small animals as well, so be respectful.

Nevertheless, a small ax is very useful and a real must have when it comes to bushcraft. Of course, make sure it’s not too heavy to carry around and place it in a case in order to avoid rusting and accidents.

The twine is essential when it comes to building stuff and in general it can be very useful in many different occasions, to carry stuff, repair something and cook. Make sure to always have a good bundle with you.

Basic cooking equipment for camping

Of course, no way you can call it a bushcraft adventure if you are not spending your night outside. So make sure to not forget your camping cooking equipment. Of course it should be a very basic one, which can consist of a single pot as well, as far as you can cook with it. It should be something that you can close, so you will be able to use it as a food recipient during the first part of your adventure and won’t dirt anything if you can’t clean it after your meal. Also, it will help you to keep animals and insects away.

Compass and map

Indeed, if you don’t want to use smartphones and apps for outdoor activities, a compass and a paper map are essential in order to orientate and never get lost. They will allow you to go off track and explore places you’ve probably never seen before. This is an incredible opportunity when adventuring, in order to feed the explorer that is in you, while knowing exactly how to go back. Easy to carry and never down of battery, these two are some true bushcraft adventure buddies.

A first aid kit

Of course, if you are planning to spend some time outside, using cutting equipment, going off track and in general not refraining from adventurous stuff, then a first aid kit is absolutely vital and it can truly save your life, in ways you cannot imagine now, but that will turn out providential if something happens. Never underestimate what you are about to do and never think that it’s impossible that something will go wrong. Actually, it’s the other way around, so be ready: a first aid kit can make the difference between being able to keep going, and having to beat a retreat.

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