Adventure travel checklist

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Adventure travel checklist

Adventure traveling: we talked about how to keep adventure travels sustainable and we also gave you some adventure travel tips to improve your experience. So we thought it would be a good thing to make a step back and help you pack your backpack or suitcase for your next adventure.

Indeed, we said many times you have to pack light and to make sure you have the right gear with you, but what is the best adventure travel gear? What to put in your suitcase when adventure traveling? Of course, options can vary according to your destination, weather conditions, budget and experience. The more you travel, the more you learn about yourself and your needs, and the more you will manage to pull out the perfect adventure travel backpack for yourself.

But if you need a starter on this, here’s an adventure travel checklist you can look at. And remember: keep it light, keep it functional and less is more.

Clothing and Footwear

All your clothes and footwear should dry fast and be multifunctional. So for example, opt for a pair of trousers that can be both long and short thanks to zipping methods and whatnot. T-shirts and underwear should be wicking. Make sure to have at least one item for all sorts of temperatures: top, long and short sleeves, and a thermic t-shirt. Never forget to pack a waterproof jacket, more or less heavy according to the temperatures you are going to meet. If you know it’s going to be particularly rainy, then make sure to bring rain pants too.

A hat, a bandana, a neck warmer and a pair of shades should always be in your backpack, together with a pair of waterproof sandals.

Hiking shoes or trail running shoes, of course, and a swimsuit, even if you are going to the mountains, because an adventure is an adventure and you can never know!

Travel Gear

Your smartphone can become your best friend if you know how to set it properly. Indeed, there are lots of adventure travel apps, outdoors apps and in general lots of programs and applications that can help you while traveling and adventuring.

Choose a portable solar panel connected to a power bank to recharge your batteries: it will allow you to always have power with you, even when out in the wild, and it will also help you to keep your adventures sustainable. Of course take with you a classic battery charger too. If you are taking a camera with you, remember to bring several memory cards.

A resistant bushcraft knife is a must, together with a small camping gas stove. Always check travel companies when you have to take these items with you on airplanes, trains and public transports and make sure to board them properly, so no one will take them away from you.

Make sure to have a headlamp with you and a handy first aid kit. Sunscreen and lip balm are very important too, as well as a good insect repellent, a toiletry kit, tissues and, of course, a toothbrush.

Travel documents

Adventure travels are no different from all other kinds of travels, so you have to make sure you have everything you need to move around and visit foreign countries.

So before you go, make sure you have a valid passport and a photocopy of its first page with you. Whichever visa or required paperwork you may need to enter a country, make sure you have it with you. Also, take with you some passport photos, as they could be useful for local permits and other documents.

Flight confirmations and hotel confirmations should always be with you too, as well as your international health card or your travel insurance.

A good trick is to also carry with you a USB pen with a copy of all your documents, paperwork, visas, permits, cards and so on. Make sure to keep it separated from the rest, so you can use it in case you lose all your papers.

Also, make sure to carry a pouch and a removable pocket you can hide under your clothes where to keep a bit of cash and a copy of your important documents.

Never put them all together in one place and always be discrete when you take them out.

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