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All the different ways to camp and sleep outside

There are many different kinds of hotels...there are those up to five, sometimes even six starts, and those that are a thousand. Of course, we are talking about our beloved nature and the amazing nights spent sleeping in the outdoors after a long day hiking, or biking, thru-hiking or whichever other outdoor activity that involves being in the wilderness adventuring.

Sleeping under the starred sky, in an open and free environment, is something that many people do even just for the sake of it, in order to get away from their apartments in the city and the comfort of their beds to spend a night or two sleeping in the middle of the woods, or in the desert, or in front of the sea.

The benefits are many and various, from absolute silence, to a more biological rhythm, thanks to the absence of distractions that would keep us awake until late at night. In general, it helps people unplug and connect to something deeper, releasing stress and anxiety. Indeed, being in nature can be a great way to get back in contact with oneself and find a bit of relief from everyday life.

Of course, everyone has their own favorite way of camping, plus there are many different ways to camp, according to both preferences, indeed, but also necessities. In fact, not all occasions and not all conditions are suitable for the same choice. And this is exactly the reason why camping differentiated in so many various solutions. Of course, to know and master them all certainly is the best option for every adventurer and explorer, regardless of the activity they practice.

As you may know, Apache pine’s products, starting from the handcrafted wooden watches, all have the same one mission: to remind you every minute of your day that there’s more to life than just your routine. Exploring nature and the beauty of our Planet is absolutely vital. And since every place and every activity have their own, best camping options, then here’s a list of all the different ways to camp. Here you can find the one that suits you best, besides discovering new ways and ideas to experience the outdoors.


Good, ol' tents! This, of course, is the most typical kind of camping. Some say that camping is not camping without a tent and many visit the wilderness just for the pleasure of sleeping in a tent at night. Indeed, camping with a tent often comes together with a nice meal in front of the camp fire.

Of course, nowadays “tent” can be an incredibly vague way to describe this piece of gear. First of all, there are many tricks that can turn a tent into a really cosy shelter. Generally speaking, there are so many different ways to camp with a tent that it really became an activity of its own.

To start with, you can choose between free camping, or staying in a camping area. This of course depends if there actually is a camping site in your area of interest and, if there is one, if you actually want to stay at a camping site or if you prefer to free camp instead. Of course, it also depends if free camping is allowed or not and if you need a permit for it.

Moreover, there are so many different kinds of tents that camping and free camping can be done in many different ways. There are aerial tents that act like a mix between a hammock and a tent. There are family tents that gives you all the space you need, or small, minimal tents for minimal adventures, when all you have to carry your stuff is a backpack.

Vans and cars

Let’s make an easy transition and let’s start by mentioning rooftop tents. These can be positioned on the roof of your car and they function as an “accordion”, opening and closing like a book and including a small ladder to climb up or get off them.

If it’s big enough, your car too can be used as a sleeping place, without necessarily applying a tent on its roof. You can camperize your car by yourself, using an all DIY approach, or you can use inserts and structures proposed by specialized companies that operate in the field from a very long time. Depending on to the car you have, you can choose to add specific features and make the suitable variations.

Alternatively, a van is the second, most popular option when it comes to sleeping in the outdoors. Of course, vans are a bit more expensive than camping with a tent, and less versatile to take around with you while backpacking or bike touring, however, vanlife became an actual lifestyle - a very cheap and adventurous one. Indeed, many people from all over the country decided to live in their van, instead of “just” exploring or adventuring with it, cutting on rent and home bills.

Always make sure to check possible restrictions and get your permits in case you need them. Vans parked at the side of the road can be highly illegals in some occasions.

Hammock camping

We previously hinted at aerial tents being halfway through a tent, indeed, and a hammock. But they are not the only way to sleep suspended above the ground. Hammock camping is an increasingly popular way of spending the night outside.

The great thing about it is that it’s a rather adventurous way of sleeping that still allows protection from rain and cold. Indeed, the right gear will allow you to spend your nights cozily nestled in your hammock, without freezing or getting wet in case of bad weather conditions.

Many start to prefer it to free camping since it’s much easier to set up a hammock than to find a good spot for your tent when you are free camping. All you need is two trees and the magic is done: no need to worry about mud, uneven terrain or uncomfortable surfaces.

Also, it’s an incredibly light solution when it comes to backpacking, which also helps to save up a lot of space, making it easier to face a thru-hike or multiple days in the outdoors without a fixed base camp.

Open air

This is probably the less comfortable of all kinds of camping. Nevertheless, the incredible adventures and experiences it allows to live are priceless. All you need are a camping mat, possibly self-inflatable, and a good sleeping bag.

It’s absolutely fundamental that the sleeping bag is waterproof and highly resistant to low temperatures, as they can drop a lot at night, even during summertime. Also, a cap is very useful as it helps to close yourself like a cocoon and resist the cold.

Of course, to sleep open air implies that you are 100% sure it’s not going to rain, unless you know a little cave or a sheltered spot where you can find protection from all the elements.

Once everything is set and you are well equipped for this kind of experience, then open air sleeping can be an incredibly practical way to spend your nights. No need to look for a proper camping spot, two trees, or a legal area where to park your van/car. All you need to do is to unfold your mat, cover up properly and get ready for a good night. And the following morning you will be ready to go in the blink of an eye.

Bush crafting

Bush crafting is not just a way to sleep outside, but an actual adventure itself. Indeed, bush crafting implies not only to build a shelter for the night with what you find in nature, but to actually build anything you need to survive, from a structure to cook on the fire you created, to useful tools you may need to actually carry out your activities during the day.

Cars and vans aside (and not even all the time), bush crafting can actually be mixed and matched with all the other kinds of camping. You can go on a bush crafting endeavor with your hammock, having to build a structure to hang it because of the lack of trees, or a shelter to repair it because you don’t have your tarp with you.

You might just have on you a small, basic tent and no flame to cook with, so it will be necessary for you to build a camp fire and a structure to cook your meal. The same goes for when all you have with you is your camping mat and your sleeping bag and you have to build a shelter in order to stay nice and dry during a long night of rain.

Long story short, bush crafting is more of a way to experience the outdoor and get in contact with nature than to actually just camp, but we still thought it could be an option.

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