The philosophy behind Apache Pine's Wooden Watches

Whether it's during work, or school hours, or because you are running late, or just to double check, one of the most frequent actions we repeatedly do in our lives is to check the time.

So if you are an outdoor lover, how great would it be if, besides showing you the time, your watch helped you to remember your beloved nature, whether it’s the profile of the Grand Teton, the wildlife you may come across while outside, the wild spirit of mountains, or simply the wood texture of a tree.

That’s exactly what we at Apache Pine wanted to achieve when we decided to create our collection of wooden watches for him and for her. Indeed, Apache Pine’s wood watches are engraved with your passion....and ours!

Our outdoor watches are made with many different and sustainable woods, from maple, to bamboo, to sandalwood and many others.

Our wood watches are cheap and perfect for both men and women, because we are one tribe when outdoor exploring. They are perfect for all occasions, in the city, but also when climbing, hiking, biking, or anything else you like to do in the outdoors. They are perfect to keep your adventure even more sustainable and make sure it’s always time to respect Mother Earth and this beautiful home of ours.

There are no two wood watches alike: indeed, our products are all handmade, which means each one of them is unique and incredibly personalized. Of course, there’s one for every occasion. Surely The Arrow is perfect when you want to add an adventurous touch to your important occasions, like for example a dinner or a celebration. The Wake is the absolute buddy when it comes to water shenanigans, and in general if water is your element and you always want to keep it next to you. If you want to stay in touch with your soul animal, then The Wild will be ready for you, with its casual zebrawood aspect and its Camo canvas band with leather trim. If you want to explore all our watches, you can find them here.

If you are a blogger or a website owner, we will be happy to get a review from you and know what you think of them. We are committed to express the outdoors at our best and to embody the real spirit of a wildlife lover, like we are. That’s why we think these are the best wood watches for all those men and women who could never do without their nature time.

Let the world inspire you in unique ways. That’s what nature does all the time. Whether you are just spending two minutes looking at a tree in your backyard while working, or if you are on a one-month-long adventure into the wild, maybe on a bushcraft expedition, or bike touring, the power of the outdoors is strong, incredibly communicative, even healing. To be constantly in contact with it is incredibly important to reduce our stress and to remember that there’s more to life than just routine.

We have many sales on our website, as well as the chance for wholesale orders, in case you want to bring Apache Pine’s products in your store, whether it’s just our handcrafted wood watches or also our handcrafted bush knives, or if you are planning to order 5 or more items from our online shop. We have a special pricing for that.

Also, if you are really passionate about outdoor activities and if you want to join our team of athletes, Apache Pine is on a sponsorship quest for bikers, skaters, surfers, skiers, climbers and all the rest of the crew. You can find some more information about it here.

We create, design, craft and produce with love. We let nature and friendship inspire us, because that’s what we think matters the most. We want to create true emotions and true products, that come from the same passion that brings our community of outdoor lovers together. Sharing is, after all, one of the most powerful acts when it comes to sustainability, adventure, protecting our planet and living our daily lives. And this is what we would like you to remember every time you use one of our watches and products.

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