The best christmas presents for outdoor lovers.

Christmas is near and the rush to make the best presents is eventually here. Some may love this brainstorming moment, some others a bit less. Regardless, we are all looking for the most suitable gift, the best idea, the most innovative gadget.

The problem may rise when the folk you are making the present for is an outdoor lover. Indeed, not only outdoor gear and tools can cost a fortune and can be most definitely out of your budget, but chances are he or she will already have everything truly necessary to cultivate their passion.

So let me guess: what you need is a cheap, original idea that will make both your outdoor passionate friend and your cheapness lover wallet happy? No worries! 

Here’s the Apache Pine's guide to the best Christmas presents for outdoor lovers without spending a fortune.

  1. Sustainable gear - They might have everything, but it might not be ecologic and sustainable. In fact, always more outdoor passionates are becoming more and more accustomed to the importance of respecting the nature they love so much and spread a sustainable and green philosophy among their community.
    Giving them a sustainable piece of gear like for example this ones can be a great idea to make them happy. They will most certainly be excited about their chance to respect nature even more and show their engagement in protecting the environment.

  2. A portable solar panel - Back in the days this used to be a very expensive piece of gear. Nowadays, extremely efficient portable solar panels, used as both portable power banks or power sources, can be found at a most definitely accessible price, and are becoming a real must have and a great ambition for all outdoor lovers. There are all kinds of brands, measures and weights, so just pick the one you think is best for your friend and go for it! You’ll most definitely....charge their Christmas!

  3. A multitask tool - Most luckily an outdoor passionate will own a bush knife or a classic Swiss Army Knife. However, the amount of multitask tools that exist nowadays are countless and all equipped with something special and very useful, like for example a compass, an extendible meter, a lens or another not-so-common function. All outdoor passionates have a knack for this kind of tools, so if you find a peculiar, or even a funny one, don’t hold back!

  4. LifeStraws and Water Filterers - If you are dealing with an outdoor lover who truly loves being in the wild, maybe even for days, then this might be the best present. A LifeStraw or other sorts of Water Filterers are a must have for those who spend many days away from city centers and civilization in general and need something that helps them to obtain drinkable water in all occasions and conditions. Indeed, this gear helps to filter water, purifying it from all kinds of pollution, dirt and poisonous substances and making it potable for human beings.

  5. An ecological cleaning kit - One of the trickiest parts of being outside is how to keep ourselves and our stuff clean without dirtying the surroundings. What is needed are 100% organic, ecological cleaning products, from shampoos and body soaps, to dish soaps and all other kinds of similar items. A nice kit can be very much appreciated, also considering that these goods normally cost more than their non-sustainable counterparts.

  6. A star map - Being in the outdoors means to spend many nights outside, under the starry sky. However, not everyone is actually familiar with all the starts and constellations above their heads. A map of the starry vault can be a great, poetic present. Of course, avoid heavy books and maps: remember they’ll probably have to carry on their shoulders for days. Opt for something easy and light, that can be brought around effortlessly.

  7. A pocket bellow - If you smile when reading about this present, you clearly don’t know how tricky and “breathtaking” can be to light a fire in the outdoors. Sometimes, a bellow is all you need to make it start properly, but all you have are your lungs and a limited endurance before hyperventilation kicks in! So a pocket bellow is something that could make a really happy outdoor lover, especially those who always postpone investing in these small, secondary gadgets.