Best places to ski and snowboard in the U.S.

Best places to ski and snowboard in the U.S.

A few days ago we talked about the beauty of skiing and snowboarding and how to keep these winter-sports sustainable. Indeed, if we want to preserve the beauty of our planet, it is absolutely vital that we spend our time in the outdoors responsibly, and that we choose sustainable products and gear when we do our shopping for our favorite activities. From your board to the watch you wear, every single choice matters.

When it comes to beautiful places where to practice winter-sports in the US, our Country has some true jewels to show off (and protect!). We really can cherish some of the most beautiful places where to ski and snowboard in North America and to pick a favorite can really become a hard choice.

Fortunately, winter doesn’t last only one day, so maybe we can all pick more than one destination to escape the ordinary and enjoy our time on the snow. So here are the best destinations for skiing and snowboarding in the U.S. We decided to put together a list regardless of the kind of snow-sport practiced, so you’ll really find a wide variety of choices, and none of them will disappoint you.

Best places to practice winter-sports in the U.S.

Mammoth Mountain, California

This one is for the snowboarders. Sunshine is almost assured, as well as some incredible powder at Mammoth Mountain, in California, which truly is a snowboarding paradise.

Situated at 11,053 feet above the sea level, this dreamy snow-land is all you can wish for, with its 3,500 acres of snowboarding terrain and the possibility to ride up until July.

The atmosphere is perfect even off the board. You can decide to amuse yourself with snowmobile rides, gondola rides, snowcat tours and indoor activities such as bowling and golf, all immersed in an amazing landscape of rare beauty. And of course, if your friends prefer skiing and in general that’s another favorite of yours, then Mammoth Mountain won’t disappoint you in that case either.

Maine Huts and Trails

For those who prefer to stay off the beaten track, away from big crowds and fast paces, Nordic and backcountry skiing at Maine Huts and Trails can truly be an unforgettable experience.

Here you will be able to find more than 45 miles of groomed cross-country ski trails, opening the doors to some amazing experiences and some great landscapes. The beauty of this place is, indeed, breathtaking and it lends itself perfectly to a slow enjoyment of the scenery.

A series of huts will make everything even more exciting, allowing skiers to move from one hut to the other through a series of trails, skiing a new section every day and discovering new places all the time. Also, these are actually staffed, semi-luxury accommodations where you’ll be able to relax and restore, making it the perfect cross-country and Nordic skiing experience.

most beautiful places to ski in North America

Aspen Snowmass

Looking for a scenic, grand solution? Then Aspen Snowmass is the answer. Indeed, this is the largest free groomed cross-country ski system in North America, giving you the possibility to ride down more than 60 miles of trails.

These trails connect the ski villages of Aspen, Snowmass and Basalt, and of course allow skiers to stop on the way to relax, rest and have something to eat. Of course, there are all kinds of levels, making it the perfect cross-country skiing destination for families and big groups of friends who look for different experiences, yet want to spend time together.

And if you are looking for an amazing view to take some great shots, then you must pay a visit to Mount Daly, almost 14,000 ft above the sea level.

Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe

This is the first cross-country ski center in the U.S., counting almost 40 miles of groomed trails and another 62 of backcountry trails, all including all sorts of levels.

This Austrian inspired lodging will make of Vermont an amazing place where to spend your skiing and snowboard time, making everything a bit more atmospheric thanks its The Sound of Music-inspired architecture and its European style accommodations. Needless is to say that the scenery is simply unforgettable, making it the perfect place for those who wish to live a truly alpine experience.

Breckenridge, Colorado

Situated 80 miles southwest of Denver, this is one of the very best ski destinations in the USA. It offers more than 3000 acres of skiable terrain, creating almost 200 trails for all sorts of levels.

This place delights skiers from all over the States with plenty of opportunities, having turned its Victorian silver and gold-mining atmosphere into a welcoming and relaxing place where to enjoy some snowy days.

And if the number of trails and experiences Breck has to offer is not enough for you, you can always head to Vail, another incredibly beautiful ski destination, only 40 miles away.

What may seem like a small and remote location actually is one of the best places where to ski and snowboard in the States. Between the Gore Mountain Range and the Sawatch Mountain Range, this valley will be an unforgettable playground.

Telluride, Colorado

This Ski Resort is probably one of the most appreciated by skiers and snowboarders of all kinds from all over the States. Therefore, what back in the days used to be an important mine is now one of the most populated places when it comes to outdoor sports and activities, including snow-sports, becoming a rather high profile destination.

Indeed, those who come here are most definitely not looking for an off-the-beaten-track kind of place, but more of a quite popular and rich in things to do kind of destination. So what used to be one of the best-kept secret spots is now one of the most popular venues where to enjoy the snow.

The vistas are truly dramatic and the activities to do besides skiing are a lot: it most definitely is worth a visit.

Copper Mountain

Looking for a place where to ski with the whole family? Then Copper Mountain is what you were looking for.

This place is really geared with all the facilities and services you can wish for to spend a nice time with your family while skiing or snowboarding in a beautiful location. It also allows many other activities besides winter-sports.

With its 985 hectares of skiable terrain, it counts 126 trails, 2600 feet of vertical and 15 chairlifts. Ready to gather the family and pack?

best places to snowboard in the United States

Whiteface Mountain, New York

This is another winter wonderland for snowboarders especially. This is probably the reason why it hosted the Olympic Winter Games twice, or maybe just because the time spent riding your board is going to be one of the best in the States regardless of the Olympics.

Five hours away from the Big Apple, it has incredible snow and an unforgettable vertical drop. 22 miles divided between 86 trails make of this place a heaven on the East Coast, allowing snowboarders of all sorts of levels to find exactly what they are looking for.

Park City, Utah

Maybe you could see this coming. Indeed, besides the Sundance Film Festival, this area is very well known for winter-sports exactly. Just 35 miles away from Salt Lake City, this is one of the most beautiful places where to ski and snowboard in North America.

Indeed, placed between Deer Valley and Park City Mountain, here you will find everything you may wish for: from adrenaline to relax, according to your daily needs. The place is so highly recommended that it normally hosts many winter events too, proving its beauty and the fact that it's the perfect destination for powder lovers.

Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe gets nominated in pretty much every list when it comes to beautiful places where to do beautiful things in the United States. On the border between California and Nevada, this place is no less when it comes to skiing and snowboarding.

Vistas and landscapes will be absolutely breathtaking, and you will have the possibility to find yourself in an area rich of many different things to do, so that no rest day will get too boring.

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