How to get sponsored by Apache Pine

Shout out to all skiers, skaters, bikers, scooters, snowboarders and all the rest of the crew. Applications for sponsorship are open at Apache Pine!

We are looking for passionate athletes who want to join our team, experiencing the outdoors and their passions with enthusiasm and dedication, but also with respect for the environment and a thing for sustainable gear.

To get sponsored you can apply for different kinds of sponsorships: there are skateboard sponsorships, scooter sponsorships, ski sponsors and snowboard sponsors, as well as many other sponsorships according to the sport or activity you practice. You can apply whether you are already part of a team, like for example a ski company, or not: we’ll go through your application and we’ll sponsor you if we think our philosophies and personalities go well together.

How to get sponsored by Apache Pine

It’s actually a very easy to go through an application for a sponsorship at Apache Pine. All you have to do is to visit our website and go to the section dedicated to sponsorship. At this point, pick the sport that represents you and tell us more about yourself. You will be asked to provide a social link to your Instagram or Facebook Page, so we can see how you interact with your public and how you convey your passion, your achievements and your knowledge day after day. Then tell us a bit about yourself. Nothing too formal or too long: we want to feel your excitement and your true passion, we want to know why you want to become an Apache Pine’s ambassador and why you want to join our team of athletes.

At this point, just send your application and we’ll contact you back in a few days, just the time to review it! Again, all skill levels are welcomed, as far as your passion and your commitment to protect our planet and support handmade products is strong. In general, we are looking for people who are always willing to share a smile, a good laugh and inspire others to venture into the outdoors and experience this beautiful, adventurous world of ours.

Call for bloggers

If you are a blogger or you have a website and you are willing to talk about our products, Apache Pine is looking for product reviews. So you can apply to our Bloggers Program, show us your website and we can hook you up with a free wooden watch or a free wood handle knife.

We are constantly looking for trustworthy adventurers and outdoor lovers who are willing to share their opinion about our products and who can help us expand a philosophy of sustainability, handmade gear and unique productions.

Please make sure to submit your website URL and not your social media profile, as it does not qualify to apply.

A bit more about Apache Pine

What does it mean to become an Apache Pine Sponsored Athlete? What’s the philosophy behind Apache Pine and what is important to us?

By applying to an Apache Pine’s sponsorship or becoming an Apache Pine’s blogger you are becoming an ambassador for adventure, sustainability, and handcrafted products. Indeed, we are a group of friends who share a passion for three things mainly: exploration in the outdoors, wooden products and sustainability.

Our products, like for example our handmade wooden watches, but also our handmade outdoor knives are meant to be taken around with you in any occasion, including work or other urban activities, and remind you of the good times spent outside: there’s always so much more to explore.

That’s exactly why we created them: to remember our great times spent together biking, skiing, hiking, exploring the rocky mountains of Idaho, our homeland, and in general how precious and fundamental it is to venture into the wild and share it with the people you love.

Every single product at Apache Pine is unique and its design grows from our personal roots, embodying our efforts to always innovate what we do and improve our items, without ever forgetting who we are and what we believe in.

Around here we like to say that our watches and knives are like you: one of a kind, adventurous, perpetually exploring and respectful of the places they visit.

We’ll be waiting for your applications and reviews...we will never get tired to team up with people who share our same passions and philosophy! See you on the adventurous side.

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