How to help others and the planet while adventuring

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How to help others and the planet while adventuring

Help can have many forms. Regardless, it is something we can all do.

This is Apache Pine’s philosophy and this is at the core of each and every one of Apache Pine’s products, whether it’s a wooden watch, a bush knife, a pair of sunglasses, or a snapback.

Together, we’ll explore the many ways one can help while doing what they love.

Other people

When Apache Pine got to know more about the conditions of orphans and orphanages in India, it became clear it was time to get involved and help full time. That’s how Project 1 Order = 1 Meal was born.

For every purchase, $.5 are donated to orphanages in India in order to feed children and improve their lives. Indeed, that’s the cost of a meal and that’s where we can start to help to change the course of things. Indeed, if kids don’t have to worry about their next meal, they’ll be able to focus on their future and improve their conditions.

There are more than 20 million orphans in India: the number is so high that orphanages cannot cover for their needs and the government too has a very hard time helping out this structures. That’s why every help makes a big difference.

Everyone can make a difference by purchasing a product that not only respects the environment and helps you enjoy even more your time in the outdoors, but it also helps a kid to get out of poverty.

The more established Apache Pine will become, the more it will be able to help and provide for these kids.

The Planet

Sustainable productions

As we just mentioned, Apache Pine helps the environment too by creating products that are handcrafted and made with 100% sustainable wood. This allows two things: to produce something that has great value because of its quality and its uniqueness, and to allow a more sustainable production. This will cut on the waste of resources and footprint, maintaining high quality and affordable prices without polluting the planet.

This is very important for Apache Pine, considering that every product is created to bring back to memory one’s own time in the outdoors. We believe in protected lands, waters and airs, we believe each one of us should explore and preserve them, and we believe the outdoor industry of which we are part plays a very important role in this.

Small productions, made with heart, passion and purpose can make a difference and help to protect our Planet.

Sustainable adventures

So each one of us can give a small but fundamental contribute whenever they visit the outdoors. First of all, it is absolutely vital that you keep your adventures sustainable and that you do the best you can to leave no trace.

Whether you are hiking, biking, skiing or experiencing any other outdoor activity, make sure to use gear that respects the planet and, in general, to optimize your consumptions: in a nutshell, keep it clean, maybe even better than you found it.

Almost needless to say that a trash bag should always be with you, during all your adventures, so that you will be able to store your garbage and what you find on your path, disposing of it properly afterward.

Local communities

Last but not least, local realities play a big part when it comes to helping people and the planet. Indeed, this category falls in both helping others and preserving Earth. By choosing local communitieslocal businesses and local humans to explore, purchase, sleep, eat and any other sort of activity you are planning to do during a travel, an exploring weekend or just simply your daily shopping will allow you to be on the side of people and the environment.

Indeed, local businesses tend to be more sustainable. Moreover, they empower and work with other local businesses and local communities and in general they care for the environment in which they were able to blossom and thrive.

This obviously has a human value that nothing else can give you: you will be able to truly connect with the territory in all ways and you will be given the opportunity to learn new traditions and make a real difference, whether it’s for a local family, for a social cause or an environmental one, or to promote the importance of collaboration and preservation of resources. You will discover things you would never be able to come in contact with when outside that territory and you will increase your knowledge and your potential to practice an authentic, adventurous and kind life.

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