How to make a difference daily

Apache Pine’s products are designed to be used both in the outdoors and when at home.

When outside, they serve their adventurous purpose: wooden watches are perfect to orientate, wooden knives are perfect to cut whatever you need to cut, cook and/or build, wooden sunglasses will shade you from the sun. All of them have a strong bond with you and your time in the outdoors and they will help you to remember about it when you are back home, making you keep in mind reminding you that there is so much more to life than just daily routine.

Besides, thanks to Project 1 Order = 1 Meal, you will be able to guarantee a meal to an orphan from India when purchasing one of Apache Pine’s products, making a big difference with just $.5, which is the cost of a meal.

Of course, the way we live our daily life is too very important when it comes to helping others and our planet. Some choices that seem small and insignificant actually have a great impact on our social, cultural and natural environment.

So here are a few tips on how to help others and Planet Earth through you quotidian choices and make a change daily.

How to make a difference daily

Go local

When you have to do your shopping, or when you are on your lunch break, when you have to make a gift for someone and in general whenever you have to buy something or use a service, choose a local business, instead of a big corporate or a big food chain. This will help your direct community and it will allow it to thrive and have a positive impact on all the rest of the environment.

To go local also means to cut on your footprint, considering that the products and the services you are benefiting from don’t involve big productions, nor they have gone through a long, expensive and polluting system of import/export. So chances are some items will cost even less, and will help you as well, as part of that same local community.

This is true also when traveling and exploring, of course. Choosing local realities will make you come in real contact with local traditions and people, building real relationships and discovering the real deal.

Be natural

When you have to choose a product, always pick the one closest to nature. Always check its place of origin, how it’s been cultivated or created, if it has too much packaging, how polluting it was to produce it, if it’s biodegradable or if it can be easily recycled. Also, ask yourself if you truly need it, so to cut on useless consumptions. 

This means, for example, to choose organic food, to grow your own vegetables if you can, and always pick products that are as much organic and biodegradable as possible. This will probably cost you a little bit more in terms of money, but it will cost you a lot less in terms of wellbeing, health and a sustainable life.

Also, opt for reusable tools and products, so you can cut down on your waste and also spend less to buy new ones. In general, just pay extra care when it comes to plastic: this is probably the most polluting and dangerous material and our productions and packages are filled with it.

Last but not least, opt for biodegradable soaps to clean your house, your dishes and your clothes. Planet Earth will thank you big time. 

Be active 

Most of our consumptions and our pollution actually happen because of our laziness. We don’t like to struggle too much, whether it's to cook our dinner, move from point A to point B, or clean something. So we turn to faster, easier and ready-to-go solutions that actually fuel pollution, poverty and poor health conditions.

Choose a bike when you have to move around, collaborate and help actively your community, create, grow and make your own stuff. Slow down your life and find time for yourself, your loved ones and others. Always remember, unity is strength and to cooperate means to cut down on the struggle in a sustainable way. This is another reason why local communities are so important.

Rediscover the pleasure to explore nature and come in contact with it. In general, rediscover the pleasure of a more human experience of life.

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