How to make your adventures sustainable: sustainable gear and methods

Welcome back on Apache Pine! We’ve been talking a lot lately about microadventures and gear to use when camping, or when we go out to explore the great outdoors, whether we’re are venturing into mountain woods, open fields, or a bike travel.

So the time has come to talk about the importance of sustainable gear when we explore the world and why it is so fundamental that we include it in our priorities, as much as we would include any other fundamental need, like water, or a smartphone.

Indeed, at Apache Pine, sustainability and handcrafted items are at the base of our adventuring philosophy. Take for example our wooden watches: each one of them is a wood, unique, nature watch, that respects the environment and allows you to venture in the outdoors respecting them since the very beginning.

These are unique, wood watches, all made with sustainable wood, with wood bands, wood quadrants and even wood hands! Whether it’s bamboo, maple or sandalwood, the respect for the environment is the first component of each one of these wood watches.

Sustainability is important because it allows explorers to leave no trace even before their march through nature. Indeed, what’s the point of loving and treating with care our planet, if we do it using gear that has been produced without respecting it, polluting it and not using sustainable materials?

Each and every step matters when we must take care of our outdoors and our Big Mother in general. So here are a few more suggestions on why it’s important to use sustainable gear and how to make your adventures greener and more conscious.

  • Use the energy of nature - Nature is a great provider for renewable, sustainable energy, starting from the sun. Solar energy is increasingly used in our society and during outdoor adventures as well. There’s plenty of portable solar panels that can be purchased from many different brands and that will allow you to recharge your devices and produce clean energy while in the outdoors, whether you’re hiking, climbing, biking or any other activity. It's a great way to cut down on consumes and, at the same time, always have useful power with you to never run out of battery. Besides portable solar panels, there are many other little gadget that already come provided with little panels to recharge them, like for example torches and stoves. Of course, if you have a van or a little camper, make sure to instal some panels in order to use solar energy as much as possible, including warming up water for your showers.
  • Use ecological soaps - When it comes to cleaning your dishes, your clothes, yourself or whatever other thing that involves some soap or cleansing products in general, make sure to pick the most sustainable brands. Of course, it will cost you a few pennies more than the other ones, however it will cost the environment a lot less. This is very important, especially when you are spending many days outside. At the same time, even if a tissue or a wrapping is biodegradable and super ecological, abstain from throwing it in nature. Make a garbage bag and take it back with you, recycling everything in the right bin once you’re back home. Also, if you have to throw away organic stuff, like for example fruit skins, make a little hole in the ground and cover it back: it will fertilize the soil without rotting on the surface and producing bad smell.
  • Environmentally friendly ski and snowboard wax - The majority of ski waxes are made from paraffin waxes, which comes from petroleum and are highly harmful for the environment, starting from their very production. It’s not something that you would think of straight away, nevertheless it’s very important when you are a passionate skier and you want to make your adventure a sustainable one! Many are the brands that can help you to reach this goal. In general, make sure to surround yourself with gear that doesn’t involve fluorocarbons, which will get transferred to the snow and pollute the environment even during you’re practicing your beloved sport. Indeed, recent studies have found that fluorocarbon molecules are not so large and they can break down into smaller, toxic molecules.
  • Support - This is a real golden rule when it comes to the environment! There are lots of organization, mostly no-profit, that work everyday to keep the outdoors safe, clean and awesome, so support them. Donate small amounts of money every month, join in their awareness campaigns and plant a tree if they allow you to. These are all small actions that make a great change and that help you to protect Planet Earth even if you don’t have the physical time to do so. Delegate your care, it’s still a great way to make an impact.
  • Keep yourself updated - New discoveries happen every day, especially when it comes to the environment, things that pollute it, or tools and methods that can help to keep it clean and protected. The best way to always stay on top of your awareness and sustainability is to be up to date, read as much as possible, stay informed and, of course, share your knowledge. Talk with you friends and families about their methods to respect nature during everyday life, or when outside exploring. Everyone can have a very good idea that you can “steal” in order to improve your adventures: even the smallest one matters! Always make sure to know what’s going on and always wonder how you can improve.

  • Use sustainable transportation - When you are going on an adventure, whatever that is, make sure to use as much sustainable transportation as possible. We are talking for example about bikes, but also trains and public transports in general. Avoid taking your car or your van if you can, even if van life is incredibly fascinating and magic. Of course, it can make your times a bit longer and it can be more tiring, however, it’s a great way to explore without invading or destroying what’s around you. And if you really must use a car, or a whichever other kind of motorized mean, opt of a GPL one, or turn your engines to greener energies and fuels. Also, you can opt for a car sharing solution, especially if you know there are other people going in the same direction as you. In general, always be well aware that transportation is one of the main reasons when it comes to pollution and environmental destruction.

  • Fix it - Do you really need a new backpack? Do you really need a new sleeping bag? Do you really need that tenth pair of shoes? Consumerism is the first big enemy when it comes to protecting the environment. So unless something is truly and completely broken, fix it. Of course, “it's sustainable and eco-friendly” is not a valid reason to purchase something new, that you already have. Cut on your purchases, consumes and renewals on what you don’t really need to buy, consume or renew. This is very important to protect the environment and to lower your impact on Planet Earth. If you don’t know how to fix something, there’s plenty of tutorials on the internet, as well as brands and shops that can help you with that.

  • Buy carefully - And of course, if you really need to buy something, than pay attention to what you buy, whether it’s an energy bar for your microadventure, or a tent for your one month bike tour. Every single thing you buy makes a difference, so always ask yourself which item will last longer, was made by consuming less energy, is made of more sustainable materials and ingredients and can be recycled or disposed of more easily. It’s always very important to know which one has the lower impact in order to make a conscious purchase.
    Also, to buy something used is better than to buy something new, as well as borrowing something (or landing it when it’s our turn) is a great way to help each other, collaborate and protect our planet, cutting on consumes and productions.

  • Collaborate - So, last but not least, collaborate. Cooperation is at the core of a more sustainable living, hence a more sustainable way of adventuring and exploring. When we come together we can do great things and have a great impact, instead of a polluting one. So always help and look for help, inform, share and involve, so to consume less and achieve more: Planet Earth will thank you for this.