How to travel on a budget

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How to travel on a budget

Traveling on a budget is probably the greatest of all arts, especially when we talk about adventure travels. Indeed, there are so many adventurers who love their time wandering around the world, but don’t always have all that money to do it.

So we thought of sharing some tips on how to travel on a budget and how to go on the best adventures when you have no money.

Make it a priority

This is the first thing you must do if you want to travel even when you don’t have money. Every single choice must turn around it. It’s not just a passion: it’s a commitment.

If you don’t make your travel the most important thing, you will always have something to spend your money on: rent, car, phones, objects. You just have to choose what you don’t have enough money for.

A good way can be to always compare the expense of an item with what you could get with the same amount of money travel-wise. A camping permit? A plane ticket? A bus one? An entrance to a museum? And all of a sudden, everything will start making sense and you will realize how to save money to travel and go on adventures.

Also, this is a good practice when it comes to keeping your adventure travel sustainable and respect our planet. Ask yourself if you truly need something, because most of the time you actually won’t. This will allow you to make a difference in your daily life and during your adventure travel.

After all, if adventure traveling is your priority, it means you love to explore this planet “of ours”: if we don’t protect it, there won’t be much left to explore soon.

Buy long-lasting gear

When you have to buy something, for yourself or your home, buy gear and tools that can be reused and that will last longer. Some example? Even when you are at home, use your reusable water bottle instead of buying mineral water from the shop: this will save you money. When you have to buy a pair of shoes or a piece of clothing, ask yourself if you can use it when in the outdoors too, so you won't have to buy another one for your adventures.

Even if you are on a saving-to-the-penny kind mood, always keep in mind that to spend a bit more on your gear will allow you to have something that will last longer and won’t require you to spend even more money on a new one in the future. Remember you can find many situations where you can buy the same piece of gear for less because used and in general allow a bit of time to scout for the best price. You can also sell some of your old gear and make some money out of it to buy what you need. 

Apache Pine actually is a very big fan of both these concepts. Indeed, Apache Pine’s products are not only very resistant and long-lasting, but they also aim at being used both at home and in the outdoors.

Work where you go

If traveling is your priority, then you’ll probably want to spend as much time as possible doing it. How? Work where you go. This can mean many things.

If you know the language, you can find a job as a waiter, or a bartender, as a delivery person or whichever other job you know that will provide you with quick and good cash. Another option is to find an online freelance kind of job that will allow you to work while traveling. The only thing you’ll need is a wi-fi to fulfill your duties, but that can be easily found anywhere. You will just have to organize properly before departure and the success of this solution is guaranteed.

Another good option is to teach English abroad (or another language). This is particularly popular in Asia and Africa, but also in some South American cities.

In alternative, you can Wwoof around, working part-time for farmers and small business who will pay you for free accommodation and meals. 

In general, there are lots of programs that allow travelers to work and pay for their travel expenses while adventuring around. By scouting the internet and checking on forums and local websites you will surely find the best solution for you.

Be organized

This is vital when you want to save money. Disorganization, rush, last minute: these are all conditions that will have you pay more than necessary to fix your problems. And this is true both when you are traveling and when you are at home saving for it.

If you are well focused and organized, you will surely save a lot of money. Indeed, this means you have more time to consider your options and make the best choice. Also, it will help you to cut on your consumptions, making both you and planet Earth pay less.  

Do your research and always consider alternative ways of doing and buying things. Avoid paying more for extra-services you could avoid by picking something up yourself, arriving early, or bringing your own something. Also, keep in touch with people you meet around the world: they might have friends who can help you out, arrange deals and give you suggestions on how to save up some money, or spend them better.

Get free flights

When we say “make your adventure travel a priority” we mean it in every way possible. So for example: many airlines make miles cards or pair up with other providers to allow their customers to accumulate points and get free flights, discounts or other kinds of free services.

When you have to buy something from a store or an e-shop, make sure to choose brands and retailers that are partnered up with your airline, or if you get a certain amount of points every time you pay with your credit or debit card, then make sure to use it every single time you can.

This trick can be applied in many ways and for many reasons, according to the kind of ticket or product you are trying to get for free. Fidelity cards and loyalty programs are ever more rewarding. 

Sharing economy

Sharing is one of the greatest actions that exist on this planet. Not only it is a perfect way to cut on consumptions, but it also makes an excellent way to save money.

So when you have to buy something rather expensive, buy it together with someone else. You can buy it in a group and use it together. Also, ask people if you can borrow their gear, especially if it’s something you won’t really need in the future. Your friends will be more than happy to land you stuff if they know they can rely on you.

Also, on the internet there’s plenty of websites and groups where you can swap stuff, or where you can get something for free if you are going to pick it up yourself.

Sharing economy really is a blessing when it comes to saving up money and cut on useless purchases.

This is true also for transportation and accommodations. Try couch surfing and car sharing. It will be a great way to both save money and travel: you will meet lots of people, most of which will be locals and will show you around. If you are confident enough, you can even hitchhike your way through your adventure. 

Go local 

Local businesses and services will surely be cheaper than big touristy infrastructures, accommodations and products. So stick with the locals. This will also allow you to earn some of their tips: they will show you the way to beautiful places, amazing opportunities, or even “just” good food.

On the internet you can even find opportunities to stay at locals’ accommodations for free if you offer the same possibility in return. 

Cook your meals

This is true for both home and adventure travel time. By cooking your own meals you won’t have to pay for the service, so you will surely save money. Of course, always find the right middle ground, as it won’t always be possible for you to do that, especially when out in the wild, where dehydrated food is your best option. 

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