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Microadventuring 101: Camping Essential Gear

January 12, 2017

We’ve lately introduced the concept of microadventuring. Last time we went through the basic gear we need when we decide to go on a microadventure. But what if that microadventure is wild camping, or simply camping somewhere for a few days, possibly moving from one camping spot to another every other day.

What’s the Camping Essential Gear you must have with you? How do you make sure you have everything you need without ending up with a huge amount of stuff to bring? Of course, the first element is adaptation and the will to not be comfortable 100% as if you were home or in a camper. might be micro, but it’s still adventure! 

So here’s a quick list you can refer to to put together your camping essentials: 

  • The Fantastic Four - Rucksack, tent, sleeping bag and camping mat. These are camping's very essentials when it comes to this activity. Remember, good quality gear is vital if you don’t want to spend money every other year to get a new one of these buddies, or if you don't want to have bad surprises when it comes to their efficiency and performance. If well chosen, they can be a 10-15 years long investments. Very important, especially for your wallet!

  • Cutting tool - Which means a knife of course! Not the multitasking ones you see lately in many shops though. Of course, they can be very handy, but a single blade knife is the ultimate companion when it comes to camping. The amount of things you can cut, open, modify or fix with it is truly impressive. Apache Pine produces sustainable knives like for example this one, that have a long lasting performance and that respect Planet Earth...what else?

  • A waterproof k-way or poncho - Something you can roll up and fit into a small pocket, forget about it and pull it out as soon as it starts pouring. It’s one of the most useful gear you will carry with you and it will save you a lot of cold and colds. This is valid for the bivvy bag as well, which of course is an emergency sort of gear, however, the message I’m trying to send across is: get ready for cold and rain and don’t let them catch you unprepared. Even during summer time, do not underestimate weather conditions and remember that they tend to be perceived as worse when you are tired and outdoors for a long time.

  • Cooking and food - Of course, camping means resting and eating. Make sure to take with you all the food you need without exaggerating. This doesn’t mean you have to pack dehydrated products and bars only, but just to keep an eye on the weight of what you put in your backpack and how laborious it would be to cook everything. To keep hunger and fatigue in mind can be very helpful to choose. Don’t forget about water and don’t forget about cooking materials, such as a mess tin, a camp stove and utensils to eat. If you plan to cook with fire, please keep it low and try to leave no trace.

  • Cleaning kit - This goes for yourself and the things you have with you. Of course, opt for biodegradable products, whether it's dishwashing soap, shampoo, or any other kind of cleansing substance. Also, remember about your hygiene, which can be quite tricky when into the wild, however it should never be overlooked. Toothbrush, wet wipes and paper towels should always be in your backpack, together of course with a bag to dispose them properly. Nature is not a bin, even when things are biodegradable!

  • Fire Starter - Whether you are planning to start a fire, or a camping cooking device, you will need something to light it up. It can be a fire starter, a lighter or a box of matches. Regardless, it becomes extremely important to not forget this sort of gear. “My camp stove has a sparking device to light the flame”...well, truth is it can break and you want to be ready if this happens. Aim at the best, be prepared for the worst.

  • Lighting device - Do not forget to pack a torch, a frontal lamp or whichever other device that will help you make light during the night. These two are of course the most useful and practical ones, however you can find the solution that suits you best.