The best adventure travel tips

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The best adventure travel tips

Adventure travel is probably the favorite kind of travel when it comes to outdoor people. Whether it’s hiking in a faraway land, or biking in your backyard National Park, adventure can be anywhere and that’s why we love it so much.

Apache Pine's products are actually inspired to our time adventuring in the outdoors. Every time you look at your wooden watch, or you use your single bladed bush knife, memories of your time outside will be back with you, reminding you that there’s more to life than just office hours and daily routine.

And because adventure time is about to come with summer, we thought it would be a good thing to gather some adventure travel tips for you. We scouted the internet, we asked our favorite adventurers and we reviewed our best outdoor tricks to put together this short guide to the best adventure travel tips. Here’s where you’ll find everything you need, from adventure travel 101 to expert expert wizardry.

Be adventurous

It sounds like a joke, but it’s true and it’s probably the most important piece of advice anyone could ever give you. Indeed, many adventures are organized to the nearest centimeter and second. And despite the activities you do and the places you visit are incredibly audacious and bold, to be adventurous means to be open and stay positive when something unexpected and problematic happens. It means to be able to have fun anyways, even when things are not going as expected. To be flexible when something doesn’t go as planned and to be open to people and locals you meet on your path. Always remember that adventure is about discovery, unveiling the unknown and curiosity. So be brave, trust people and situations and don’t expect to have everything under control all the time.

Challenge yourself and you will live a truly unforgettable experience.

Less is more

Pack light. Especially when backpacking and traveling for long periods of time, pack light and always remember that less stuff means more opportunities. Whatever you want to put in your backpack, always be brutally honest if you really need it or if it’s just an extra comfort that you would really like to take with you, but don’t really need.

A good help here is to have the right gear for adventure travel: opt for multitasking tools and clothing, always have a good single bladed knife with you and shoes suitable for all weather conditions. Also, pack things that you are comfortable with donating to others at the end of your travel or along the way, so you can keep lightening your luggage.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment

There’s no such thing as perfect conditions and perfect moment. Adventure travels are normally long and unpredictable, but go for them anyways. Don’t postpone just because you think you need a bit more money to truly enjoy it, or because you are afraid you would have to take too much time off work. Adventure is this too, and it’s exciting and unforgettable exactly because you’ll have to play with what you have.

Dive in

Go local. The harder and more chaotic the place, the more you should actually explore and embrace local traditions and opportunities. Try to learn a bit of language, as hard as it can be, and avoid touristy solutions: this would mean to explore your destination through a glass, without ever getting in contact with its actual reality, and always staying in your comfort zone.

Find a connection that will help you do that. Even if it’s not a direct one, but the friend of a friend, make it happen. And if you really don’t have one, then find one: it will be the best way to get precious info that will help you to get around and explore as a local instead of a tourist.

Another incredible thing is to read poems, novels and books that talk about the places you are visiting. It’s like an adventure into the adventure and it will double your experience. Also music can be a great way to get closer to local traditions and understand the culture of the places you are visiting. Songs can also be a great way to bring memories to life once you are back home.

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