The Bush Knife By Apache Pine

The Bush Knife by Apache Pine is a blend of yesterday's fixed blade bushcraft knife and today's compact easy carry knife. This way you get the best of both worlds. You have a knife that can perform when you need it, but is easy to carry deep in the woods.

Bush Knife Features

  1. Superior Material
    1. 3CR13 Stainless Steel blade. We chose this steel because it is easy to sharpen and holds its edge longer than other blades.
    2. 100% Authentic Zebra wood handle. The laser etched wood handle is key to a comfortable grip.
  2. The Perfect Fit
    1. 3.25” Blade Length. Plenty of blade to do serious wood but not over sized.
    2. 7.75” Total length: This gives you a full length handle for great control and comfort. Your hand won't be cramping even after a big project.
  3. Safety
    1. Strong Locking Blade. Our Bush Knife has a strong locking blade for safety and dependability.
    2. We use strong steel for the knife frame which doesn’t twist or bend so you have full control.
  4. Ease Of Use
    1. Smooth hinge for quick and dependable use. Traditionally a bush-craft knife has a fixed blade. We opted for a folding blade to make our knife compact and easy to carry.
    2. The Bush Knife has a pocket clip for easy everyday carry. This clip makes your knife always close by when you need it fast.

Bush Knife Design

Because our Bush Knife has an authentic wood handle you will have a truly unique Apache Knife. Our pine tree knife design is iconic and will help you stand out in any scenario.


The Apache Pine Bush Knife comes with a full 1 year warranty that covers any manufacturer defects and failures. The only thing the warranty doesn’t cover is blade wear and tear. As you use your knife make sure to keep the blade sharp by using a small sharpening stone.

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