The Outback Pine Tree Knife By Apache Pine

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The Outback Pine Tree Knife By Apache Pine

The Outback Pine Tree Knife is one of our favorites. The design and function of this knife is outstanding. Also, the high quality burl wood is perfect for looking great no matter the situation.


  1. Superior Material
    1. 3CR13 Stainless blade. Easy to sharpen and hold a good edge. Keep a pocket sharpening stone on hand and you will always have a precision blade.
    2. Maple Burl handle. Maple burl is a high quality and looks great. Burl is a tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner. This rare growth is very desirable to anyone who likes wood products.
  2. Comfort Fit
    1. 3.25” blade length. With a full size blade you can accomplish almost any project.
    2. 7.75” Total length. This gives you a full handle for control and safety.
  3. Safety
    1. Strong locking blade. We have included a strong locking blade for safety and dependability.
    2. We use a strong steel for all our knife frames which will never bend or twist in your hand. This gives you full control over your knife.
  4. Ease of Use
    1. Smooth main hinged. Traditional fixed blade knives are bulky. Our Outback pine tree knife is fold able and easy to stash in any pocket.
    2. Pocket clip. Our Outback pine tree knife has a strong pocket clip. This will allow you to keep it close and ready whenever you need it.

Outback Pine Tree Knife

Each wood handle is completely unique. The grain from each tree is unique which makes each knife a special part of nature. All Apache Pine knives come with a 1 year warranty which includes all manufacture defects. Blade wear and tear is not covered by our warranty. To keep the blade in tip top shape make sure to keep a pocket sharpening stone close. To see our most popular knife visit the Bush Knife. To see all our knives visit this page: Apache Knives.

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