Urban cycling and bike commuting tips

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Urban cycling and bike commuting tips

So we often talked about how Apache Pine’s products are created to be used not only during our amazing times in the outdoors, but also when we are at home, carrying on our daily lives, between work, kids, friends and whatnot.

Looking at them, you’ll remember about your time in the wilderness and you’ll keep in mind that there’s more to life than this.

Of course, there are a lot of ways to bring in our daily routines some of that amazing feeling of being outside and enjoying the planet. And one of those is cycling. Urban cycling and bike commuting are becoming an amazing trend, so we thought it was about time to actually explore the topic a bit more.

Why choose urban cycling

There are many reasons why urban cycling is such an amazing choice and trend.

First of all, it respects the environment and it gives you the chance to move around quickly, without polluting the air or using toxic fuel.

Also, it saves you a lot of money: not only bikes cost a lot less than cars, and don’t even need insurances or warranties, but they also don’t need fuel to work, so you won’t need to spend any money on that either. No need for parking fees, no need for any fee or toll at all for that matters.

Besides, it keeps you fit and it’s an excellent way to do some aerobic exercise and keep your lungs and heart in shape for your hikes and mountain biking adventures. Also, your mood will benefit from it...a nice pair of shades, music in your ears and you are ready to go!

Indeed, exercise releases dopamine in your system, which will make you feel instantly in a good mood, they will relieve stress and they will make you feel better. If you are going to face a hard day at work, biking will give you the right asset, and after the long day it will help you to remove bad feelings and battle fatigue.

Indeed, for those who think that cycling to work will make them more tired, or that they don’t have the energy to bike all the way back home after, that’s a false myth. Moving actually energizes you up and calms your nerves: you could never feel worse because of it.

At the same time, despite all these positive sides, of course bike commuting has its “dark sides”, which actually is just one and very solvable: you must be well organized. Not only in terms of time, but also in terms of urban cycling gear.

Of course, the more you will be cycling around, the more you’ll know how to deal with all situations, and organization will become a habit. This is true especially for gear: at first, you’ll find out what you need the moment you don’t have it, the same way you’ll be probably be carrying around too much of a load just because “I might need this”, when actually you really don’t. But hey, none of us was born already knowing everything! All you have to do is to understand the pro and cons of bike commuting and work around them.

Urban cycling and bike commuting tips

Okay, let’s get down to the serious stuff: here are some bike commuting tips you can use to improve or get started on your urban cycling. They are useful for both expert commuters and beginners, so don’t snob them!

Confront with your fellow bikers

This is true whether you’ve been riding your bike to work for ten years every single day, or if you’ve just jumped on the boat and you are new to everything. Mutual suggestions are great when it comes to dealing with difficult situations and small hitches that can happen while biking. Indeed, there’s always a way to improve your commute, new gear and new tricks to help you during your biking endeavors and in general new ideas that could give you a great hand.

Be kind to yourself

This is an amazing thing that biking does: it will turn you into a kinder person, especially towards yourself. Start by giving yourself more time than you need. Indeed, a laid back kind of ride will put you in a good mood and you won’t have to stress out because you are late. Also, you won’t risk any accidents: rush is number one danger when it comes to cycling, because it doesn’t make you pay enough attention to people, cars and other bikers around you. Even just an extra 15 minutes will make a great difference!

And be yourself!

Bike commuting is not a competition and should never become something that turns into frustration or comparison. You do and you ride the way that makes you feel comfortable. Indeed, there’s not one single way to keep it nice and comfortable. All of us have different working conditions, different climates, different families, different bodies and different characters, so just find the situation that suits you the most. Don’t feel guilty if you go slower than others, or if you cut a bit of biking by using public transports: it’s your life and you do whatever you want with it.

Also, make sure you look for the right bike and you actually try it out: the reason why there are so many of them is that we are different and we have different necessities. 

Still, listen to your friends

Of course, to do what suits you best doesn’t mean you are doing it absolutely 100% right. Actually, there sure are many things you can improve. So listen to your friends when they give you a good advice, don’t feel stupid just because you made a mistake and actually be willing to try out what they suggest.

This is important, especially when it comes to gear: compare brands and trust recommendations. If you don’t agree with what they say, keep a critical approach and actually give it a shot: they might be right!

Gear up!

And this leads us straight to next point: every single urban biker will tell you that the right gear is key to a comfortable commute. So once you’ve picked the bike you prefer, make sure it has all the right components. Options could be to provide it with full fenders and a good field kit, which will help you to prevent flat tires...because those are the death of cycling!

Bike racks are too an amazing component to put on your bike, since they will help you carry stuff around in case you need it. Even if you don’t normally use bike bags because you keep all your things in your backpack, always remember that you might have to carry something unexpected and to have a place where to put it can really change your day.

Showtime is not for rehearsal

Many people change the asset of their bikes, acquire new gear and in general make changes, and then wait for the moment they actually need everything to go right to try them out: what if they don’t? What if something goes wrong and you need to fix it? And what if that happens when you have a really important appointment and you really can’t be late?

Give it a try when you can actually waste time fixing it, or changing it again, whatever that is. It will avoid you a lot of stress, complications and additional problems.

Be nice

Biking is an alternative way of living the road and society. Being a biker means to be part of a community that can actually change the world in many ways. Don’t transplant on two wheels the rage of car driving and don’t let the road take the best of you. Say hi to your fellow cyclists, wave to them if you can and in general be nice to pedestrians: remember you are halfway through a driver and a walker. The same way you would appreciate their concern and acknowledgment of your presence, they will be happy to receive it back too.

And if something bad happens, don’t criticize but educate instead. It’s the best path to change.

Have a backup plan

What if something unexpected happens and you need to change your commute? Maybe a street you normally take is closed, or some unexpected and heavy weather conditions stand in your way. What if you fall and something breaks. Like every other thing in life, inconveniences can happen and it’s good to be ready for them. Because if Murphy’s Law exists, then they will hit you as soon as you are not ready for them.

So make sure to have your backup plan nice and ready in case of necessity and remember: a good amount of positive attitude always helps! 

We’ll soon give you some more tips for urban cycling and bike commuting, so visit us back! Also, let us know your tricks...sharing is always good!

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