Which Knife Should I Carry?


No one should ever head into the wilderness without a knife. In fact, you should have two knives; one in your pocket and one in your pack as a back-up.

Anyone who has spent time outdoors knows that having a dependable knife is part of the bare minimum loadout that a hiker should carry.

If all you have is a knife, you can start a fire, build a shelter, and form basic weapons for hunting.

Without a knife, you will find a million moments in the wild where you will say, “This would be a lot easier with a knife.”  


Which knife should you carry? 

In selecting a knife some of the decision comes down to personal preference. The shape of the blade and features, smooth or serrated for example, also play a role.

The appearance of the knife is also important because, as the saying goes, “Always look cool. Never get lost. And if you get lost, look cool.”

In general, when choosing a knife for outdoorsmanship you want a knife that is strong and trustworthy. 

Let’s rule out some of the types of knives you don’t need to carry.

Carrying a dagger is generally not practical, unless ending up in a renaissance fair is part of your survival plan. 

Or maybe you plan on going toe-to-toe with bargain brand Jack Sparrow, and you need to lug around that pig-sticker of yours?

For camping and hiking it is not useful to carry too large of a knife. You will find simple tasks like cutting rope, gutting fish, and starting a fire easier with a medium to small knife. 


Let’s take a look at some sound knife options.  

The tanto style blade is angular and was originally designed for puncturing armor (which may come in useful if you end up at a renaissance fair without your dagger)

The Flathead and The Summit Blade are great examples of this style of blade.

A knife with a gently curving blade is the most versatile knife, which make it one of the most popular styles of pocket knife in the United States.

The Frontier and The Stars and Stripes are great options for this style of knife. 

Sometimes you want a knife with special features such as a serrated edge, bottle-opener, or harness clip.

For these features check out The Sawtooth, The Utilitarian, and The Bush Knife

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  • i am from florida living in new jersey.outdoors and military are into their knives.i have known that since i was younger,much younger.

    john clarke
  • Any pix of your favorite knives?

    James lessard
  • I LOVE knives and swords. I collect ALL types. Variety is the best type to have in your hand.

    Gordon Scales
  • I think you should carry the curve blade great fir catch g things in good eating in cooking utensil

    Lacresia Franklin

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