Wood Style, An International Movement

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Wood Style, An International Movement

Wood Style: A new style is emerging, it is a trend like no other. The world is starting to care about the environment and the future of this Earth. It is a movement that is changing the world.

Why Wood Style

We are in the midst of the environmental movement which is also referred to as the ecology movement. The movement includes green politics and conservation of natural resources. This international movement is represented by many organizations from large corporations to small start ups. The idea that products can be made sustainably and with a positive purpose is changing the way people live. 

What is Wood Style

Going hand in hand with the environmental movement a new trend has emerged. It's called Wood style. Wood style is stewardship of nature.The idea is if you love nature you will let it come out in your everyday dress.  New products and industries are emerging. The movement is growing fast and people are beginning to take note.

My Style

I love nature, I enjoy exploring and I want to conserve nature for my children. I am becoming more conscious of my role as an environmental steward. As I become more aware I have focused on purchasing products that not only fit my style but are sustainable. That is why I love wooden watches. People all around the world are starting to vote with their dollars and they are voting for sustainable products and responsible companies.

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