Content Submissions Contract

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Content Submissions Contract

In this agreement the artist or license holder will be know as the contributor. Apache Pine Lc will be know as AP or Apache Pine.

This agreement is automatically in effect when a contributor uploads or sends their exclusive video or images to AP. Apache Pine will link and collect acceptance of this agreement whenever possible. It is the contributor's responsibility to know this agreement when sending content and accepting terms.  

Content can be sent or received in any of the following ways but not limited to email, upload, drop box, google drive, flash drive, or any other exchange.

Non-Exclusive Agreement

Apache Pine is a non-exclusive owner of all content sent via a contributor in any way. 


Apache Pine has the right to use any content sent from a contributor as many times as they find fit. AP also has the right to use the content on as many social media, video media, or websites as desired without mentioning or tagging the contributor ever.

Artist Royalty

The artist or contributor has no claim to any income or profits made from said content. Apache Pine will never pay artist royalties for any reason or for any situation. 

Upload Specifications

This agreement constitutes all content. The said content can be uploaded in any formats containing any video format, any image format, any audio format, any text formats, or any moving image files.

Licensing Rights

The contributor agrees that they hold all licencing rights to any and all content submitted.


Apache Pine reserves the right to change or modify this agreement at any time for any reason.