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Please be aware that no two pieces of wood are identical. Therefore, no two products from Apache Pine will be exactly alike. Product photos on this website should be used solely as a guide to what a product will resemble, not as an exact representation. Differences in wood patterns makes it impossible to supply an exact picture of each product. Differences should be expected in each product’s construction, as minor differences are inherent to Apache Pine's handcrafted manufacturing process. Thankfully, Apache Pine's one by one product construction guarantees individual attention to detail and quality assurance in every product. 



  • Remove the white plastic spacer, set time, push in crown until it clicks.
  • Always wear your watch high and snug on your wrist. Wearing your watch near your hand can create pressure on the band anchors.
  • Keep your watch clean and away from moisture.
  • Be careful when putting on jackets and backpacks your watch can easily get snagged and damaged.

*Splash Resistant Case: Keep away from moisture whenever possible. Guarantees no protection against water or moisture damage. Water damage will never be considered a manufacture defect. 


Each one of our watches is assembled by hand. Then goes through rigorous quality check including but not limited to. 

  • 24 Hour Movement test
  • Anchor Stress Test
  • Parts Fitment 
  • Visual and Physical Evaluation


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