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If you have passion for what you do, your skill level doesn't matter.

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How to Get Sponsored

Are you wondering, how am I going to earn sponsorship? Or how do I find companies to sponsor me?  You are looking in the right place. Many riders that are passionate about skateboarding, surfing, scootering, rollerblading, skiing, or boarding are wondering the same thing. They want to promote and earn discounts and free gear. The problem is a lot of big companies only accept extremely talented or gifted athletes. It turns out less than .1% of athletes make it into their "sponsorship circle". While many have the dream of going PRO the reality is, it's tough. Big companies looking to sponsor treat low level riders like dirt. They are only nice enough to them so they will make a purchase. "Buy our gear and you can be like a Pro Rider". Pro riders go right along and even push this idea because the big brands have the riders in their pocket so to speak.

We Flipped the Sponsorship model on its head

This facade that big brands put on seems wrong. We don't want to encourage this model, we want to do something different. We give everyone with passion a chance to work with us. That is why we say if you have passion for AP your skill level doesn't matter. We flipped the model on its head to give everyone a chance to work with us not just the insanely talented. As a company, promotion and growth is our goal. Using these factors we created our sponsorship program. The whole time we thought about people with mad passion for their life and AP. At the same time we said who cares that they aren’t insanely talented or gifted? We are committed to people that have a passion for our brand. We have an obligation to accept passionate people no matter how many. This is why we have to charge a small fee for our service (shipping, handling, bio, and link support).

We Are Looking to Sponsor Riders In these Areas

Skateboarding Sponsors

Bring it on, all you have to do to start as a rookie rider is fill out a skateboard sponsorship application. It's simple and easy to complete. You give us a link to your social media and we can check out your page. This is enough to let you know if you are accepted or not. We know that many riders do not have a sponsor me video, and that's ok. If you do have a sponsor me video that is great you can use it on the first mission!

MTB Sponsorship - Mountain Biking

If your passion is mountain biking we have a place for you. You can connect with other riders to learn tricks or meet up and shred together. You can get your start as a rider as you work your way to Pro. We will help you every step of the way.

Surf Sponsors

So you shred the ocean, awesome. Surfing is one of the most challenging and rewarding sports out there. Now you can get sponsored surfing in no time. We are looking for surfers that love the sport and want to build on the passion that they have.

Get Sponsored Snowboarding

Snowboarding is a young sport and is gaining some major ground in the winter Olympics with the help of many passionate people and brands. Getting sponsored snowboarding can be tough because you need to have a friend that is an ace on the camera to capture your riding. It's hard to make a great sponsor me video when you are charging down the mountain in the depths of winter. You can get sponsored now and work your way up the ranks with our program.

Ski Sponsors

Skiing is near and dear to our heart. Many of our founders connected while on the ski mountain. We know how hard it is to get sponsored skiing because we have tried ourselves. Now it is easy to get sponsored skiing with our program.

Dirt Bike Sponsors

If you follow our snapchat @apachepine you will know that we love dirt biking. Whether at the dunes or at the top of a mountain we can't go more than a week with out gripping and ripping. We make it simple and fast to snag a dirt bike sponsorship. We will help you grow in the sport as you connect with other riders.

Fishing Sponsors

Do you think you have what it takes to reel in a sponsorship? It can be nearly impossible to hook a sponsorship with big companies in the market today. You usually have to spend a ton of your own money to prove you are one of the best. Not anymore, we have a spot for you on our team.

Snowmobile Sponsorships

So you think you can rip with the big dogs? Do you love ripping up a slope or turning down into some deep pow? If you are passionate about your sport we have a spot for you. We know snowmobiling is demanding physically, and mentally. We want to talk.

Looking for Sponsorship?

If you are passionate about what you do, it doesn't matter your sport. We want all passionate people to help us build our brand. If you have mad passion we want to offer you a spot on our team. We can offer you massive discounts for your passion. Apply now and get sponsored fast!    

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Apache Pine's sponsorship/ambassadorship program is like no other. We give everyone a chance to prove their worth. You don't have to be a star athlete to work with us. You just have to have a passion for what you do.

  1.  Apply Here: After you apply Jordan will check out your profile and get back to you within 48 hours.
  2. Your Offer: Jordan may offer you a Pro Code this is a discount code in exchange for sharing AP to your friends. 
  3. More Offers: If you stay subscribed to our team Jordan will send you more offers depending on when and where we need help.
  4. Part Of The AP Team: As you participate and help us build our brand we will offer bigger and bigger discounts and free stickers/gear. We don't give out freebies to bums, we work with passionate people to build our brand.

If you are a bum looking for freebies AP is not for you.


Policy/Terms Of Agreement: Apache Pine Lc will never offer money in exchange for sponsorship or passion. Apache Pine will never offer payment of currency, all offers will be based on free or discounted products. Apache Pine will never make payment to an individual based on purchases or other individuals purchases. In other words if you get your friends to order we wont pay you for this and we don't owe you anything for the recommendation, although we do thank you. Apache Pine is not liable for any person sponsored or ambassador persons says or does online or in person.