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"I look at my watch and I think of the forest or I think of the mountains. It reminds me when I'm staring at a screen that there is more to life."

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The Ridge Watch

Apache Pine Is

Hand-crafted from nature to go with you to the office or school, to remind you to explore more. We create wooden watches from each experience we have with nature. Every one of our wooden watch designs grows from our personal roots. We strive to always innovate while never straying from what makes us who we are. Apache Pine is one of a kind, adventurous, and continually exploring the places we call home.

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What Adventurers are saying

I received this watch immediately after ordering. I knew it was beautiful online but in person it is way beyond that. I've received so many compliments. The watch is light weight and extremely comfy which works great with my tiny wrist. LOVE this product and this company. Good job guys!

Haylee, The Original

Very pleased with the product! Amazing how light weight it is, you don't even notice it being on your wrist. Exactly what I was looking for.


I love this watch - it is a good fit at the office and perfect for adventures after. Beautifully crafted, it celebrates true craftsmanship whilst also being ethically sourced. Functional and practical and lightweight - the watch is not heavy on my wrist rather I barely notice it outside of those moments I need to check time - happily on this quality piece.


I was amazed on how light the watch feels on my wrist. Sometimes I forget it is on! I have always been a fan of watches and now I can add one made out of bamboo to my collection.


This is a great hat! I've received tons of compliments on it and I love the fit on it, super comfy and a great decal.


56,673 Meals Donated

For every order Apache Pine donates 1 meal for people in need today, and 1 tree to build a sustainable tomorrow.

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every order plants a tree

each tree creates a food source

this is how we will build a sustainable future