Our Story


Our Story:

We are a group of friends with roots that trace back to time spent together skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and exploring the rocky mountains of Idaho. As years go by, life gets busy, and we aren't together as much. AP is a memento to the good times we have spent in the outdoors. It is also a reminder to get together again and explore more. 

Each product embodies some experience we have had together and resembles the beautiful places that we love. We are outdoor enthusiasts, striving to bring nature into our daily lives, even if we can't go exploring today.

Just like the wood of every watch is unique, every one of Apache Pine's designs grows from our personal roots. We strive to always innovate while never straying from what makes us who we are. Apache Pine is just like you; one of a kind, adventurous, and continually exploring the places we call home.

Apache Pine is a pine tree species native to the Rocky Mountains. We grew up in the Rocky Mountains with these majestic trees. We continue to spend time in the forest with the Apache Pine.

We are passionate about our work and only offer products that we believe in. 


Ethan: Active Duty Air Force, Co-Founder

Jordan: Co-Founder, Operations

This journey started in my back yard in Idaho as Ethan and I talked. This wasn't the first time we had talked about our dreams and goals. We often would talk about how we would make an impact on the world. We knew that we were destined for bigger and better. We knew we could make an impact. 

My History:

When I was younger I grew up in a small town, 536 is what the population sign used to say. I'm not sure what it says today but I'm guessing it hasn't grown much. I spent nearly everyday outside with friends. I had a little motor bike Z50. All the kids on my block would line up and we would ride it round and round in an empty lot next to my house. I spent almost everyday in the summer riding around the gravel pits a few miles down the old rail line.

Me and my friends would camp down by the river during the summer. I had to be only 8 or 9 years old. Nowadays parents would go to jail for giving their kids that kind of freedom. I loved it. I love being outside. I love the fresh air. I love freedom. 

In high school I spent hours in the mountains or on the sandy shores of Bear Lake with friends. Every product that I create comes from what I have drawn from my past experiences. The wood of each watch is so unique, I wish everyone had a chance to see every wooden watch that we send out. Each watch is completely different even though it is made with the same material and in the same process. They are each one of a kind. The grain of the wood is beautiful, truly each wooden watch is a work of art. I can't explain the feeling that I get when I look deeply into the wood grain. It feels alive and constantly in living motion.


My Outlet:

If I could I would spend everyday out in the forest and in the mountains. I want to explore every inch. I have a family now, a wife and a son, I have to provide for them and give my son what my parents gave me. Today I still find joy in my work. All of our products are created from the love I have for nature. I look at my watch and I think of the forest or I think of the mountains. That is my outlet, it reminds me when I'm staring at the computer that there is more to life. 

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